Aquarius Bath

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    • Bicouple123
      Bicouple123 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Surprised but impressed!
      We decided to pay AQ a visit as we had heard mixed reviews. We attended a Sat evening around 8pm, paid for a room, given our towels and off we went inside to explore.... We was very impressed with the first impressions of how clean AQ was, everyone we came across was very polite and very respectful. Not one person jumped on us and invaded our privacy, which we found good. AQ was a mixture of young and older gentlemen, couples of all ages and sizes. Occupied rooms are either closed or open with a chain across for people to view the scenario which was taking place.... Again people either watched or walked by without any crude comments being made.... The only downside for us was how dark the basement actually was, a little lighter would be better..... We shall definitely be making another visit very soon...!!!!

    • B3tti
      B3tti Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This isn't a review really. This is hopefully to gain more insight. My bf and I are considering attending, and we're completely oblivious as to how this works:) How much does this cost? We are hoping to incorporate another female into the mix for a night. What days of the week are best to attend? Whats the proper etiquette for this type of place? Any info anyone can offer would be helpful:) thanks in advance:)

    • hoopitup
      hoopitup Over a year ago
      Hates it

      be aware, its mixed.
      went there and found the place now mixed with men and women all the time. How dissappointing. I wont be back

    • Topocho
      Topocho Over a year ago
      Loves it

      You can have it both ways
      This is one of the best sex clubs I have been to in's a mixed sauna so hetero couples, lesbians, gay guys and whatever is left come to enjoy and have sex. There are three floors full of lust. The basement has a small theater, plenty of space to play, glory holes and the famous "cake", a piece of furniture that looks like a cake where couples have sex and share it with many others, the first floor with rooms, dry sauna and a steam room...the third floor with another small movie room and the the bedrooms where couples play. The entire place is extremely clean, and the staff at the reception very friendly...the crowd is a motley crew yet everybody is polite and respectful, gay guys play in the basement and frequently straight couples with a penchant for exhibitionism will come to play on the "cake" and share their passion with others..lots of slurping, moans and can have it and steak, if you know what I mean