Leather, Bears, & Lace - Freaky Friday


Join DJ Wizzard (Winnipeg), DJ MAX (Winnipeg), & Dj Danthrax (Winnipeg) for another monthly edition of Leather, Bears, & Lace.

The hanky code will be in full effect!

Leather, Bears, & Lace is an all gender inclusive KINK event where we as a community can enjoy, celebrate, & brag our kinkiness in a safe environment.

A ROPE DOJO sponsored by Rope Bite Winnipeg with Rope Bite's Missy will be happening in the dungeon!

Kinky Bingo happens with your host Mr. Wizzard from 9PM with kinky prizes! Bingo cards are $1 each.

Leather, Bears, & Lace is a safe space! With that being said, there are RULES. The DM's ( Dungeon Monitor's ) word is LAW. Be RESPECTFUL! If a problem or situation arises, the DMs & organizer are available to help.

Consent is KEY! Ask before you touch. NO is NO. Remember, being in a venue that serves alcohol means NO can get subverted. So make sure it's an enthusiastic YES!

Any & all questions before, during, & after the events can be handled by MrDjWizzard.

Leather, Bears, & Lace's Dress Code:
• Leather, Lace, & all Kink wear is welcome AND encouraged!
• Genitals & Anus MUST be covered
• Lingerie
• Kilts
• Furries
• Cosplay
• Uniforms
• Formalwear

Accessories are welcome ( within reason ).

The No-No Section:
• NO Photography / Video capturing without CONSENT
• NO masturbation or intercourse
• NO racial or discriminatory costumes
• NO outside food or beverages
• NO Genital & Anus exposure ( This is a nightclub! )
• NO genital contact
• NO bodily fluid exchange
• NO urination or defecation ( unless you are using the bathroom )
• NO Breath-Play / Asphyxiation
• NO blood

Please remember, Your Kink isn't another person's Kink. Respect people's personal space & property. Mind your manners & be respectful.

Companies, groups, & or organizations that are interested in joining the event, please message Michael directly via PM.

Club 200 is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. We have VLTs, a full service restaurant and a energy filled dance floor featuring Winnipeg's best club music. Club 200 is a gay owned & operated club. Come down for the fun you've been missing!